Doqo Detachable iPad Keyboard Case For iPad Pro 12. 9inch

Doqo Detachable iPad Keyboard Case For iPad Pro 12. 9inch
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Compatible Devices :

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 6th Generation 2022 (Model:A2436/A2437/A2764/A2766);

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th Generation 2021(Model: A2378/A2461/A2379/A2462);

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4th Gen 2020(Model: A2229/A2069/A2232/A2233);

iPad Pro 12.9 inch 3rd Gen 2018(Model: A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983);

What's in the box

  • doqo keyboard case



    Detachable Magic Keyboard 


    Powerful Magnetic

    Force Easy disassembly


    Scissor Keys

    Comfortable Typing


    Multi-Touch Trackpad

    Support iOS Control Gestures


    Multiple modes can be transformed



    Built-in Large Battery, Long Life.




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Driss Chentouf

    Very good product.
    How I register the product for warranty?

    Almost perfect

    I wander about to find laptop style, bluetooth, detachable ipad keyboard so much. I already know about DQ1 but it is too big for me. I think that most heavy 12.9 ipad users want to use ipad as laptop(so as i), so it is attractive for hub but burdensome for its size.
    DQ2 pros
    - fairly long battery time
    - good basic function ( keyboard, LED back light function keys, touchpad... rubber packing for side in detail)
    - case for side of ipad ( nice! and attachment side are usefull for holding heavvy ipad)

    Desired things
    1. should use fn+ㅁ for esc
    > default ㅁ for go home, but we can use it also cmd+h. see first touchbar mackbook pro case
    2. palm rejection
    > for limited space, when typing there is misstouch with palms. i think it could be improved with firmware update i use fn+t(good functionallity!) and use mouse so it dosen't bother me
    3. fn+c for connection & just 1 bluetooth connection
    > somtimes i misstouch between fn and cmd ctrl to copy and suddenly disconnected. it will be great for connection with other key and for 2+more connnection and swappable
    4. apple pencil holder
    > i think it doesnt exist for weight balance and for easy open and i use additional inline holder(good). it will be great for holder in any way
    5. weight
    > i may use heavy keyboard pannel for another function ex) hub things...

    ★ I wandering one of the protruding part in attachement are usb-c connector. + side embedded part are connected inwardly to ipad (i think it could be/ not impossible)
    So it could be one or more usb c type in side keyboard, connecting outer display or supporting pd charging for ipad not only charging keyboard, (+ multi pairing /swithable) it is perfect ipad keyboard in the world.

    Nice keyboard thx

    Vince R
    The perfect form-factor

    I had to dive deep to find this keyboard, but I was not disappointed. I needed an ipad to be able to professionally draw on-the-go but I also needed it to be a proper lap replacement.
    The detachable doqo case got me cover in any configuration, confortable keyboard+multiple viewing angle (as the screen is reversible on the stand you got pretty much 180°) and the ability to get back to a light-weight tablet in a split second to draw in any position. I couldn’t find any other product that encapsulated my needs to that extent.

    + :
    - Quality finition
    - Perfect form factor

    - :
    - Like any third party trackpad, if you want a smooth experience this will not be for you, maybe in the future if apple finally releases it’s API...
    - It’s not clear from the visuals, but the case is made from plastic and is a finger magnet... I would have really loved to have the option to buy the same product in a more premium material like the doqo DQ1


    This is a amazing Product! It does exactly what it says it does, all the features work as described. The IPad is very snug in the top case, wich magnetically hold on to the keyboard part. This magnetic connection has exactly the right strength, wich means I can take the iPad off easily, but i can also pick up the keyboard up at the IPad and carry it around. The Buttons on the IPad are not blocked by the case and there is also a cutout for the Apple Pencil. Now to the Keyboard: The keys have just the right travel distance for me, and have a rubbery feel to it, wich is not annoying but feels nice. They are colourfully backlit, with no dead spot and bright Color, with many modes to choose from. The Function Keys are at the very top and its nice to see that in order to lock the screen you have to press Fn+🔒 so you dont accidentally turn off your screen while typing. When you close the „Laptop“, the ipads screen automatically turns off, and after a few minutes, the keyboard goes to sleep too. But as soon as you open it up, the keyboard and IPad wake up again, ready for your commands.

    So all in all, a Berry nice product, it does what it says it does, feels nice, is not too expensive, but still doesn’t feel cheap.
    Very nice Product, nothing bad that i can see.

    If you want to contact me to get photos or talk to me about the Keyboard case, you can contact me either via Email ( or via Instagram (sten.fue).

    So, my last words: If you want a cool looking, trackpad keyboard but don’t want to spend like 350$ on Apples, go with this one, i can only recommend this!