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A fusion of performance and simplicity. the Doqo Docking Keyboard enhances your productivity.

Doqo AluHub™ iPad Keyboard Case For iPad Pro&Air

Elevate your iPad functionality and transform your desktop experience, the AluHub™ made of rock-solid aluminum for superior performance and reliability.With 7 multifunctional ports, the AluHub™ adds style, saves space, and empowers you to work like never before.

Doqo Maglev Keyboard For Samsung Galaxy Tab 12.4 inch

Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad&Backlight for Samsung Tab 12.4 inch

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On The Go

Working on the go provides unparalleled flexibility, eliminating office constraints and promoting independence. It optimizes time, making travel or downtime productive, and seamlessly integrates work with personal activities for a healthier work-life balance. Additionally, it stimulates creativity through exposure to new environments and experiences.

Out the office

Whether you’re in need of outdoor inspiration or simply want to enjoy the freedom of working outdoors, the Maglev™ is your ultimate companion for outdoor work. No matter where you are, the Maglev™ is designed to adapt to any workspace, making it ideal for outdoor office setups.

The Perfect iPad Companion

Let’s take a look at our iPad accessories collection! We’ve got a wide range of accessories with different types and functions to meet your needs and help you breeze through any task.


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