DQ 2: 10.9&11inch The magnetically Aluminum alloy attachable perfect companion aluminum keyboard & the case compatible for iPad Pro 2021/2020/2018 3rd gen & iPad Air4 2020 Gray&Black

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Dr Raj Krishnan
Very happy with it, thanks

I already have Apple Magic Keyboard for my iPad Pro 11 2020. While it is good, it is limited by having to take the iPP off for reading or writing. So I bought this Doqo 2 keyboard and although it is heavy, it worked well with some trackpad glitches. I emailed Doqo with my issues, response was immediate and they sent English manual as well as advice on firmware update. The update process needs full reading of the instruction PDF but went without a hitch. The issues I faced with trackpad and keyboard glitches are gone! The keyboard battery lasts a long time, I can just swivel the IPP on the keyboard to read or write or sketch. I find this keyboard versatile and much more useful than Apple’s overpriced magic keyboard. The Doqo is very sturdy and well built so I am a happy camper! My Apple keyboard is now RIP but I will keep it charged from time to time to avoid early and permanent battery demise. No regrets with the Doqo , firmware update is a must to get rid of keyboard/trackpad glitches. Excellent device.

Gretchen Garlejo
So sad and a bit irritated

I ordered on 8/28, received it 9/15. I got a taste of how awesome it WAS, but it stopped working properly on 9/27. What happens is, the keyboard will now only work when it is plugged into power. Charge is at 100%. Once i unplug it, it disconnects and shuts off. Power button will not turn it back on. Once i plug it back into power, it turns on immediately and connects. I messaged Doqo on 9/28 and they responded later that day to send videos of the problem and i did just that. More than enough videos actually. I have not heard from them since then and today is 10/7. Is it because China is on Holiday still? I really was hoping for a resolution because i do really like this keyboard but i want to be able to use it without having it plugged in to use it. HELP DOQO HELP

Graham Jones
Avoid all cost

This is fraud never received the goods still haven’t got a refund and no one is responding to my emails

Daniel Ruth

Love my new keyboard. Dodo makes great products1

Vannak KEM
Perfect Keyboard

The keyboard Doqo 2 is a perfect alternative of Apple keyboard, which cost really expensive.

I bought this keyboard for my iPad Pro 12.9, 2021 and I am really satisfied of my purchase. The keyboard Doqo 2 works really good. The trackpad is also perfectly sensitive.

So I really wish to recommend it to all iPad users. You will not be disappointed.